Monday, February 25, 2013

Under the Microscope - Provinces of Night

Provinces of Night

Provinces of Night, by William Gay, is a brilliant and dark country noir, but one so beautiful in its bleakness that it almost glows in the dark. Poverty, music, the frayed and brutal ties of family, the possibility of life, and the approach of death all play a part in this story spun out on the dirt roads of the back country. There's drinking here, and the power of stories and myths (the kind told about us and the kind we tell about ourselves), and characters that slink through our brains, unwilling ever to completely leave the stoops of our imaginations. Why leave? Not when there's a song to be played and a few more drinks to be had.

And yes, yes, prose so perfect it makes you want to drink a little yourself.

Friday, February 8, 2013

We're off to see the Zuckerberg...

So I discovered this strange Oz-like world called Facebook. I think I'm the first human to stumble upon it. However, if you follow my small footprints and trail of crumbs you'll either discover my kitchen or this fabulous new world of Facebookery.

If you do make your way to this magical realm, feel free to friend me. This is me:

I think so, anyway. There are all sorts of bizarre rules and legislations in this new land, and it is always better to travel as a pack (for the feral minded) or a group of companions. So feel free to friend me, particularly if you are a dog, a girl with ruby slippers, a lion, a scarecrow, or a tin man. Flying monkeys acceptable upon proof of good hygiene.

And yes, "friend" is being used as a verb. This new world blows my mind.