Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hangman Never Smiled So Sweet

by Janet Russell

The Hangman Never Smiled So Sweet

Fox approaches two birds, broken-winged.


Laura M. Campbell said...

That was awesome, sad, but awesome. I'm always floored when an image created from a few words can enter your thoughts and stick in your mind. Thanks for sharing, Janet.

Matthew MacNish said...

Is this Mrs. Russell?

Micro Fiction is one thing I can't ever manage to write well, but love to read. Well done, m'lady.

Janet Russell said...

Thank you both for your generous comments. I was thinking of Hemingway's short story, "For Sale. Baby shoes. Never Worn.", when I wrote it.
thanks again.
J. Russell

Steve C said...

This makes me sad. But I love foxes, too, and they got to eat, and the birds are in pain, so in a way it's good.

But the craft, yes, that I know is good.

D.G. Hudson said...

A brief treatise on life. Only the strong survive.

Excellent Janet, and also excellent choice of inspiration. I'm a fan of Hemingway, not so much a fan of micro-fiction.

Concise, and brutal in its image. Well done.