Thursday, December 20, 2012

Need a last minute Christmas book for a kid?

Check out Rick Daley's The Man in the Cinder Clouds. I'm reading it to my daughter right now and she's loving every word. Remember, the actual Christmas season runs until January 13th this year.

You can check it out here:

The Man in the Cinder Clouds

By Rick Daley

A young boy and his scientist father made an incredible discovery at the North Pole—an ancient book embedded deep within an ice core. Even more incredible is the story the book tells: the long-lost history of Santa Claus you never knew…and will never forget.

This origins-of-Santa story is a great holiday read for the whole family. Its mix of action, humor, and Christmas spirit keeps younger readers turning the pages, but The Man in the Cinder Clouds is not just a kids’ book.

As one reviewer puts it, “THE MAN IN THE CINDER CLOUDS is one of those middle grade books that the grown-ups get sucked into along with their kids. You think you bought if for your young reader but after you browse chapter one you just sort of... can't stop.”

This story-within-a-story reveals the origins of our most familiar Christmas traditions: from Christmas trees, stockings, and lumps of coal to jingle bells, the North Pole, and flying reindeer. Highly original and thoroughly entertaining, The Man in the Cinder Clouds will show you how Kris Kringle came to be known as Santa Claus. It wasn’t easy.

About the Author

Rick Daley has been writing professionally for over 15 years. His experience includes marketing copy for print and web, press releases, business proposals, training and technical manuals, and whitepapers. His essays, ranging from family life during the holidays to his first skydiving experience, have been featured in The Columbus Dispatch.

Rick lives in Lewis Center, Ohio, with his wife and two sons (and a neurotic schnauzer).


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah for Rick!
And can't trust those schnauzers.

Rick Daley said...

Thanks Bryan! I hope you both enjoy the rest of the story...

Bryan Russell said...

My daughter is excited to get to it every night. :)

Rick Daley said...

I couldn't ask for more than that! It's always good to know when a reader connects with the story.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Nice! I'm sending out an email rec'ing Rick's book too - my kids love it!

mkromd said...

Thanks for visiting my karma ran over my dogma. I see you a goat horn and I raise you a duckling. Go Heifer.

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