Thursday, June 21, 2012

Into the Darkness - Under the Microscope

Peter Zivonjic was a journalist riding on a subway in London, England. A daly like many others, with the bustle and flow of traffic in a large city. People absorbed in their own thoughts, their own lives, biding time as they hurtled through the darkness toward light and work and the continuance of the day. But then, as Zivonjic's train passed by another, a bomb exploded on the train opposite.

Both trains ground to a halt. Zivonjic's train was damage, and people were thrown about. But in the car opposite, on the other train, there was a scene of horror. That train had been blown open by a bomb and there were dead and dying people everywhere. Zivonjic and a few others climbed from one train to the next, and for the next hour, deep in the earth and the darkness, they tried to save lives and piece people back together. And yet... all the king's men would not be enough for some of these people, who would never see the light beyond this darkness.

And yet, even once returned to the light, this darkness would always cling to Zivonjic, cling to all the people who climbed out of the tunnel that day.


D.G. Hudson said...

Sounds a little creepy, the kind of book that clings to the reader afterwards, too.

Thanks for sharing, Bryan. It's not my usual reading, but certainly sounds interesting.

Matthew MacNish said...

So this is non-fiction? Sounds brutal.

I pray there is no attack this summer, and the Olympics can be enjoyed in peace.

Bryan Russell said...

Yup, true story.