Friday, September 10, 2010

The World in Miniature: Have a Nice Day

by Mira

Have a Great Day

• Mira, you're in charge of the counselors, right?

Hi Jon. Yes, I am.

• Good, I want a different counselor.

You do?

• Yeah, Paul is okay, but I think he likes me.

Likes you?

• Yeah, likes me likes me. I lost weight from the cancer, so I work out every day.

That's great that you're working out.

• Now, I look hot. Do you think I look hot, Mira?


• But I don't go that way since that jerk left. Broke my heart, Mira.

Sorry, Jon.

• I like girls now, Mira.


• But you know it's not right.

What's not right?

• The FBI. They're using infrared to watch us all the time, and it's not right.

• They shouldn't be allowed to do that, Mira.

That's true.

• So, anyway, the new counselor, Rachel, could she be my counselor? Because she's cute.

Jon, you know we don't assign counselors to have relationships with clients.

• I know Mira, I'm just messing with you. But she is cute.

Okay, Jon.

• So, I guess I'll stay with Paul then. He's pretty nice.

I'm glad he's nice.

• Yeah, he's okay. He helped me get a place. I like it. Much better than the streets.

That's great!

• Yeah, it's great. But Mira, the FBI listens outside my room.


• I stuffed a towel under the door. Think that will help?

I hope so.

• Hold on a sec, I'll get my notebook. Did I show you my new drawings?

Those are good drawings, Jon.

• Thanks, Mira. This is a picture of that counselor Rachel. Doesn't she look beautiful?

She does look beautiful.

• I didn't make a picture of Paul. I hope that won't hurt his feelings.

I think you should draw what you want to draw, Jon.

• I drew a picture of you, Mira. See? You have a beautiful smile, Mira.

Thanks, Jon.

• You could be my counselor, Mira.

I'm sorry, I don't take clients, Jon. But you'd be a great client to work with.

• I would?

Yes, absolutely.

• Okay. I wish the FBI would stop hacking my computer though.


• My family used to be really rich, and now they track everything we do.

They do?

• Yes, we used to own Canada and they set up a secret society to take our money from us.

Sorry to hear that.

• It would make a great movie, though.

That would make a good movie.

• Okay. Well, I'll go see Paul now. Then I have to go. I've got two groups today.

That's great that you're going to groups.

• I haven't used crack in five months, Mira.

Five months? That's terrific, Jon. Good for you!

• Thanks, Mira. You're very nice.

You're nice, too, Jon.

• I'm not going to use crack today, Mira.

That's wonderful, Jon.

• Have a great day, Mira.

You, too, Jon. Have a great day.

Note: I work in a substance abuse agency. The preceding was a fictionalized compilation of client conversations.


Matthew Rush said...

That was hilarious, sad and intriguing all at the same time. It's so nice to see a person who can be clean but of course certain addictions can be so powerful as to ruin the mind for good. At least he sounded happy.

Thanks Mira!

And thanks Bryan, great to have these back, even if it's not Thursday!

Justine Dell said...

Man, I never thought a simple conversation could make me laugh, smile, make me curious, confused, and concerned all at once. (At least not one that short.



Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Now THAT makes for an interesting workplace! :) Thanks for sharing.

Mayowa said...

I like it. You convey so much with just dialogue. The sometimes chaotic ramblings of clients, the clinical detachments necessary to deal with them, the possibility and permanence of redemption.

Well done.

Vicki Rocho said...

I love it! I've had a few off-the-wall conversations like that. LOL. I love how noncommittal yet supportive you are!

Mira said...

Matthew - thank you! Drugs can mess with people, but also - in case you're interested - some people who are struggling with psychosis turn to illegal drugs to help with their symptoms because they aren't on psychiatric meds, for a number of reasons. Then they have two major problems. It's pretty sad and difficult.

Justine - thanks so much! What you said means alot to me. :)

Susan, yes works gets major, massively crazy! :)

Mayowa - sounds like you're in the field...? I appreciate your feedback, that you think I captured something - thanks!

Vicki thank you! It takes lots, and lots of practice. :)

I should share that I was really scared no one would post any comments. This is the first time I've put my real writing out there - when Bryan told me last week, I've been nervous ever since.

So, thank you! I hope you all write a flash fiction piece (first time or again) so I can return the favor. :)

Mayowa said...


Not at all. I know someone who is so i've heard a story or two.

Mira said...

Mayowa, wow. Well, you've really got it down. Maybe it's a hidden talent.

Absolutely love the name of your blog. Pens with Cojones. Wish I'd thought of that!

D.G. Hudson said...

Very well done Mira! Your dialogue alone has conveyed much about this counselor and the client.

Bryan, this is the first time I've seen these flash fiction pieces. I'm impressed.

I'll check back more often.

Mira said...

D.G. Hudson - that was very sweet of you. Thank you so much! :)

Mayowa said...

Thanks for saying that Mira :)

Adele Richards said...

I loved this when I read it the other day! Are you the same Mira that I was chatting to on Nathan's 1000th post race?