Friday, November 20, 2009

How Tolkien Got Lost In My Spare Bedroom

So, yeah, my Blogging the Rings has sort of been missing that whole blogging aspect. Um, yeah. Okay, but I have lots of excuses! Good ones! It mostly comes down to the fact that Blogging the Rings takes a fair bit of time and effort and my resources of such have run pretty thin. But! Not forever! Blogging the Rings shall return. Soon. I hope.

The other reason for the delay, of course, is that I lost Tolkien. Yeah. More precisely I lost my copies of The Lord of the Rings. Oops. But with endless boxes of books coming to and fro... I think I sold one paperback set to a customer and then sent my 3 in 1 version home with other books for my new and improved home library. So it's stuck in a box somewhere in my spare bedroom, which has become sort of a waystation of books, a book repository for literature in transit. A veritable terminus of books.

But it's hard to kill Tolkien. He's a tough man to keep down.


L. T. Host said...

I am beyond jealous of the awesomeness that will be your new home library-- though sad it's at the expense of your store.

At any rate, Tolkien is like an ent-- ancient, slow, talks in funny languages, but really worth it in the end.

Did I do that right? The whole analogy thing? Did that work? Was it too much? Did I go too far?

SO glad I'm revising and not writing today.

Ink said...

Good analogy! I'm totally gonna steal that one. That's a compliment, right?

L. T. Host said...

Yep, that'll do. :)

Susan Quinn said...

Do you realize that I await your blog postings almost as much as Nathan's?

So, you need to write more.

I know you have, like, a life, or some such thing. Books awaiting you like orphaned children, homelessly boxed in the spare bedroom, wanting to be read and blogged about. Forget that and just start writing. Seriously. I mean it.

No fair addicting me to your blog and then withholding.

*end fan girl obsessiveness now*


Mira said...

Excuses, excuses

Sheesh, Bryan. It's not like you have anything else to do.

TLH said...

Tolkien got lost in the Land of Spare Oom.

This makes me giggle, and also makes my head explode a little.


Deb Salisbury said...

I do enjoy your posts! I've been hoping you'd have time to get back to Tolkien soon. I guess I'm a fan girl, too. :-)

Ink said...

Ah, blogging love. You people rock. Tolkien shall return! All wightish (and whitish) from the grave...

Donna Hole said...

Cool. And while you're at it, can you tell us where to exhume your partners? Die you bury them in the spare room also?

I haven't been following your blog long, but I do remember this is "three men and a blog" and I've only seen your posts so far.

Not that they haven't been worthy of Susan's obsessiveness but, I was just wondering . . .

Go for that home library Ink; put Kindle out of business.


Donna Hole said...

You have a Humane Award at my blog Ink. I hope you can accept it.


Jm Diaz said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I've been thoroughly entertained reading through your posts. And yes, Tokien is indeed a hard man to keep down.

Ink said...

Thanks, Jm!

Deniz Bevan said...

"Tolkien got lost in the Land of Spare Oom."
I was wondering what happened to the posts too. I just finished rereading The Lord of the Rings (again!) last month and I'm rereading The Silmarillion now. You're quite brave to tackle blogging chapter by chapter!

Matthew Rush said...

What an awesome idea Bryan (Ink). I just found your blog after becoming acquainted with you at Mr. Bransford's blog and forums and must admit this particular thread is near to my heart.

My dear old pop (RIP) used to read TLOTR out loud to my sisters and I when we were kids. I still remember it fondly. I read the trilogy every spring for about six or seven years in a row when I was a teen and I still consider it the greatest fantasy story ever told. The themes, languages and poetic prose are matched by nothing else I've ever read.

I've also read the Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and the Unfinished Tales each at least once and they are good as well but not the same.

The movies were also great, but as movies do they don't do justice to the books.

So big props to you for undertaking this idea. I am enjoying it very much so far and look forward to more posts if and when you have more time (and recover your copy of the book).